Lessons Learned From My Landscaper

When I was speaking to the owner of Goldstar Landscaping Company regarding how Findable Websites could help them manage their business website, it struck me how a web services business like mine is very similar to the landscaping business. We are both in the business of making sure our client’s property is maintained and looking good. His customers don’t have the time or expertise to get the great results he can produce.

The analogy of your website being like a lawn continues. Anyone can throw seed onto dirt. But, if the soil isn’t prepared properly, fertilized and watered often, most of the grass will not grow. Wasted time, money and effort. BUT, in the right hands and with consistent attention, the grass grows, thick and lush. Then you notice that the neighbors noticing how nice your lawn is (or not!).

It’s no different with your website. You can spend money to get a site designed and when it goes live – AHHH! You’re so proud. But your site needs to be updated, it needs fresh content to thrive. Like your lawn, your website requires time and attention. You stop watering your lawn, you’ll end up with a weed patch. If you don’t attend to your website, it will just languish and you have accomplished very little.

I don’t need a full time landscaper. I simply need my friend Oscar and his crew at Goldstar to come and make sure my lawn is trimmed and tended to on a consistent basis. They know when to fertilize and what to use. I simply don’t have to worry about my lawn because he takes care of it. He’s the expert. If I have a question, I simply call him and he has the answer. Similarly, you don’t need a full-time web person to have your website thrive.  For a fraction of the cost of a full time employee, you can have a dedicated professional take care of one of your most important business assets while you tend to your business.

So, get your own web staff for a faction of the cost of an employee. Having a company focused on your website and treating it as their own is a very wise investment. Like a properly watered and fertilized lawn, you’re website will grow in the ways you intended. Take a look at our web care and hosting plans and find out how you will never have to worry about your website again.