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Never Worry About Your Website Again

If you depend on your website for your business and need a "web custodian" to look after it, you've come to the right place. Findable Websites specializes in managing all of the technical details of your website at a surprising affordable cost.

If you need something built, we'll build it for you. 

We will take the worry out of day to day concerns that your web asset is performing properly. We will host your site and make sure all the parts are updated and working. We'll back your site up in case there's a problem. Simply put, you'll never have to worry about your website.

With the right web care plan, it will be like you have a full-time web staff. Need a change to a page? We'll do it. Need a new form? We'll do that. Want to add online payments? We'll be there to handle that. No task is too big or too small.

Get Your Very Own Web Staff

We are the next best thing to hiring someone in house but at a FRACTION of the cost. We'll take care of ALL of your WordPress needs within reason. This service is equivalent to having someone added to your tech staff.

Why A Web Care Plan Is A Smart Choice

Sure, your website looks great, but who wants to worry about ongoing site security, updates and backups? And what do you do when you’re stuck on a technical question or problem?


Luckily, it’s now easy to get help with WordPress – and feel totally supported.


Each plan includes at least 1 hour of support time. You can use that for any support-related task. Content updates, new content, basic enhancements, etc. If your task goes beyond your plan limit, additional time can be purchased at a discount.


We run a security scan on your site on a weekly basis. Should an issue arise, we will contact you. Since we take a backup on a daily basis, we will revert to a safe version. Cleanup is sometimes simple which well will perform for you. More complicated issues might require additional resources.


When WP Core and plugin updates become available, we’ll make sure your site gets updated, complete with the latest security patches.


Each day, your site will be backed up and stored in a secure location. In the event you need to revert to a prior version, we'll have it for you.


Need we say it again? Having a web care plan is like having a full time web staff at your disposal. If you have question or need some technical advice, we'll be there to help you.

Blazing Fast Hosting, Website Speed Optimization Experts

If you're looking for your website to be embraced by Google and provide the very best user experience possible, you should contact us. If you host your site with us, we will provide secure, lightning fast hosting and can optimize your website so it is as fast as it can possibly be - blazing fast. We provide a permanent speed fixes that result in ultra-high performance.

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