WordPress is Easy-Peasy

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Using WordPress for your Website

WordPress LogoFor a long time, WordPress was considered a “blogging” tool and not seriously considered for “business” websites. Well, that is simply not the case any more! WordPress has evolved into the standard platform worldwide for websites. The reason for this is that it is easy-to-use and is extremely reliable. That’s why we feel that it is the best choice for your business website. The website you are on right now is using WordPress

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Here are a few of the many reasons you should use WordPress to build your website:

  • WordPress is free. You’re saying “Free? You must get what you pay for. It can’t be THAT good!” In the case of WordPress, free is good. WordPress is the collaboration of a worldwide community of developers who are passionate about what they do and who love the open source model. As of this writing, there are more that 61 MILLION websites using WordPress worldwide. You can check out the stats here: WordPress Stats.
  • WordPress is easy to use. Newcomers or experienced web designers alike have learned how to operate the basics of WordPress in an extremely short time. Anyone can use WordPress because it doesn’t require knowing how to use HTML code.
  • WordPress is Google friendly. The search engines love good content and WordPress makes it easy to add great content to your website. The better the content, the higher your chances of getting a good ranking with the search engines. Choosing the right theme can enhance your site’s “find-ability.” Optimizing with the search engines is important and a good choice in templates can improve your site’s ability to be found in the important search engines like Google and Bing.
  • There’s A Plugin for that! Plugins are to WordPress what apps are to an iPhone. Plugins extend the functionality of a WordPress website so that it can do just about anything you can imagine without knowing how to write code. There are over 20 THOUSAND free WordPress plugins available for customizing your site and many more premium plugins as well.
  • WordPress tops the list as far as secure platforms. While no software can claim to be unhackable, there are many plugins available to help keep your WordPress site secure.

For us, WordPress is a simple and obvious choice for website creation. Once you decide to go with a WordPress website, your next decision is your choice of website hosting. More on that here.

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